hi, i'm Amélie

I have been a wedding & elopement videographer for four years now, and I still tear up behind the camera at every wedding. I think that tells you a lot about who I am!

I'm deeply inspired by art (especially films, music, poetry, paintings and sculptures), people showing up as who they really are, and the beauty of nature. I devote a lot of my time to reading, hot yoga, traveling and walking outside no matter the weather.



Some fun facts about me


My favourite music artists ARE...

England! I moved to Canada 15 years ago but still have an accent

Maggie Rogers, boygenius, Holly Humberstone

Some OF the many places on my bucket list ARE...

My favoUrite MOVIES ARE...

South Africa, Croatia, Portugal, Guadeloupe & Ireland

Pride & Prejudice, About Time



Popcorn & a sparkling water

The South of France! I can't stop raving about it


I truly believe that videography captures the magic and FEELING of memories in a way that nothing else can. I love noticing and documenting the beauty of those tiny behind-the-scenes moments that you will want to remember forever - the shy smiles, giggles in between photos, and special hugs after the ceremony.

I do not think my role as a videographer is to just edit together moving versions of all the pictures from your wedding day. I see my job as discovering the story of your day, your love, and your people - and telling it through a combination of unique video footage, words, and music. Before your celebration, we will talk about what matters most to you about your day and what you envision for your video. Every film in my portfolio is different; some focus more on family & friends, some on the couple, some are more fun, some more emotional. These differences are not based on my taste, they are based on the intricacies of each couple and what they prioritized.

I love nothing more than filming people being 100% themselves. My filming style is not based on posing to perfection - it is all about leaving space for the REAL moments that show you (and the wonderful people surrounding you) as you are without the cameras. Instead of going through a shot list, I'll be letting the day take us where it takes us. My goal is for you to feel calm, comfortable, and free on your day, then for you to watch your wedding video and remember the people, words and details that mattered most.

some key aspects of my work





the in-between moments

the bird's-eye view

the words

the music

Selecting music that feels true to your day is also extremely important to me. I LOVE music and its power to evoke so many emotions. We will discuss before your wedding what kind of music you like and can imagine in your film.

Having the ability to play back the words said on your big day (like your vows, letter readings, or speeches from loved ones) only becomes more meaningful as the years go by. A big part of my job is recording good, clean audio so that you can enjoy listening over and over again.

Perhaps most important of all, I love to focus on the little things. My work is not about the picture-perfect poses, but rather about the REAL moments and REAL feelings. I film and edit with an aim to notice what's happening in between the scenes, and to let those moments breathe.

You may also notice the drone footage in my films... There's something so special about a different perspective, and I love filming with my drone to set the scene for where your big day took place.

I'd Love to document your day at...

Kingsbrae Garden

St. Andrews, N.B.

Minister's Island

St. Andrews, N.B.

The Algonquin Resort

St. Andrews, N.B.

First Light Distillery

Fredericton, N.B.

The Cottage By The Bay

St. Martins, N.B.

Any place that's special to you!

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